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Contact Swinson Air Conditioning for all of your air conditioning or heating repair needs. We proudly serve Air Conditioning Repair needs in Loxley, Fairhope, and much of the Eastern Alabama Shore. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Is your comfort system causing you trouble? Maybe you are concerned about your home’s indoor air quality. Put your mind at ease and call Swinson Air Conditioning at 251-964-9009. See why more Eastern Shore homeowners continue to choose us over our competitors.

The term ‘Air Conditioning’ means more than it did when the term was coined. It means more because with newer technologies, we can do more. Your system can now control temperature, humidity, suspended particles, mold, odors, equipment sound levels, and more!

For state-of-the-art air cleaning, we offer Indoor Air Quality systems as well as an assortment of other top of the line indoor air quality systems.

These devices are installed out of view from anyone, but you know right away they are working. Installed in a new or existing home, the inside of your duct system will look like the day it was installed twenty years from now. And on every one of those days your family will live in a clean, pleasant environment.

Hot and sometimes even tropical-type temperatures are a given in South Alabama. That doesn’t mean your home has to be uncomfortable. Our American Standard Comfort Systems are designed to beat the heat, and make your home as comfortable as it should be. Trust Swinson AC for your Air Conditioning Repairs!

Who needs a heating system in our part of the state? Since the average low temperature in January is 31 degrees, the answer is just about everybody. Our American Standard Heating Systems will keep your home comfortable when the mercury drops to uncomfortable levels. Learn more about our Furnace recommendations.

There is nothing more important than the air we breathe. Our duct and coil cleaning services help keep the air you breathe cleaner, and healthier. We invented a machine specifically designed for indoor coil cleaning. It is faster, less expensive, and more effective than the traditional method! Learn more.

You would never neglect regular maintenance on your personal vehicle. Likewise, it makes good sense to keep your home’s HVAC system maintained at regularly scheduled intervals. Your system will last longer and repair costs will be minimized by becoming a part of our regularly scheduled maintenance program.

Everyone loves to save money, especially when unexpected expenses occur. Our money-saving coupons are designed to help with unexpected expenses and may be used at any time. Our coupon specials change from time to time, so check back with us often.

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Swinson Air Conditioning offers great Maintenance Plans to ensure your system runs at peak performance all year. We offer same day service and are fully licensed and insured. We proudly serve the AC Repair and Replacement needs of Loxley, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, and many other Eastern Shore Communities in Alabama. We are proudly an American Standard Customer care Dealer.