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Heat Pump Replacement
& Installation

Baldwin County Heat Pump Replacement & Installation

Is your current comfort system underperforming? It might be time to consider a Heat Pump Replacement.

Heat pumps are expensive appliances needed for your home. Not only can they be costly, but they also serve an important role in keeping you and your family comfortable no matter the weather. Because of this, who you choose to install a new heat pump is vitally important.

Swinson Air Conditioning Company has been trusted by communities on The Eastern Shore since 1986. We are your reliable source for all services related to your comfort system, including heat pump replacement/ heat pump installation.

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Why Choose Swinson AC for Heat Pump Installation?

    Any work done with or to a HVAC equipment can potentially be dangerous because of the electricity involved and fuel that could leak. A full understanding of wiring and connection techniques are needed to ensure your unit functions properly.
    When a heat pump is installed professionally, it will cool and warm your home efficiently for many years. You can expect to be advised on how to best achieve optimal temperatures while still remaining comfortable in your Alabama home.
    You can rest assured that with a professional installation of your heat pump, any manufacturer’s warranties will remain in place. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with a DIY job, and those issues will often void the warranty. Trusting Swinson AC with your heat pump installation will ensure your system remains under warranty, providing the most efficient cooling and heating for your home.