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Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Splits From Swinson Air Conditioning Company, American Standard™, & Mitsubishi Electric

Trusted Installations of Ductless Mini Splits on The Eastern Shore

Do you have an older home without ductwork? How about a converted garage apartment or an add-on space? Spaces in need of conditioned air without ductwork can be transformed into comfortable areas thanks to our state of the art ductless systems. These energy-efficient systems forgo the ducts in favor of a pair of indoor and outdoor units to heat and cool your home.

You can trust Swinson Air Conditioning Company to help you determine the correct ductless system needed for your home or office. 

Ductless System Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Ductless and ducted split heating and cooling systems focus on individual rooms and living spaces, versus a central system’s one-size-fits-all approach. These systems are more energy-efficient, flexible, and easier to install. They are gaining significant popularity across the U.S. because of their flexibility and high energy efficiency. Read below to learn more about the great systems we offer. 

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Ductless systems

Advanced features for greater comfort, efficiency, and convenience.

mini split comfort

Thanks to the advanced INVERTER-driven compressor technology, you can achieve consistent temperatures throughout your space while saving energy during both the summer and winter months. The compressor speed is controlled to maximize efficiency, changing speeds according to the heating and cooling needs of your room(s). Like a car’s cruise control, the system varies the compressor speed, which reduces power consumption for energy savings. This is different from conventional systems, which start and stop repetitively, wasting energy.

mini split filters

All indoor models use a sophisticated multi-part filtration system to reduce contaminants such as allergens, viruses and bacteria from the air. This combination of filters provides a healthier breathing environment for the home.

mini split quiet

Both the outdoor and indoor units operate quietly. The indoor units can operate as low as 19dB(A) – that’s quieter than a human whisper.

wall mounted mini split
floor mounted mini split image
wall mounted mini split image
floor mounted mini split

Multi- Zone Applications

Heat and cool each area of your house based on your needs as a family. Multi-zoning applications are available with ductless systems and are often the best solutions for rooms such as garages, sunrooms, and basements. 

mini split zoning

Ductless heat pump systems pump heated or cooled refrigerant directly to indoor air-handling units through small refrigerant pipes. Each living space has an indoor unit and temperature controller. 

The Indoor Unit uses refrigerant in the coil to heat or cool air and quietly delivers where you need it in the living room space.

The Outdoor Unit has an INVERTER-driven compressor pump that warms or cools refrigerant and sends it inside to an air handler through small pipes. Power and control wiring connects the outdoor to the indoor unit also.

These units come together to provide the ultimate in efficient comfort. Best of all, they can be controlled via remote or smart phone app!

You can count on Swinson Air Conditioning Co. for Installation, Service, and Repair of your American Standard Comfort System.


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