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AC Replacement & Installation

Baldwin County AC Replacement and Air Conditioning Installation

Is your current comfort system underperforming? It might be time to consider AC replacement.

Air conditioning systems are one of the most expensive appliances you will buy for your home. Not only can they be expensive, but they also serve an important role in keeping you and your family comfortable no matter the weather. Because of this, who you choose to install a new HVAC unit is vitally important.

Swinson Air Conditioning Company has been trusted by communities on The Eastern Shore since 1986. We are your reliable source for all services related to your comfort system, including AC replacement/ air conditioning installation.

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How to know when you should consider AC Replacement

  • AGE
    Air conditioners life expectancy is roughly 10 years, maybe 15 if they are well-maintained. A unit around this age that is in constant need of repair should be replaced with a newer, more efficient system.
    Older, less efficient units can drive electric bills through the roof. Replacing an inefficient unit with one that has a higher SEER rating will save money on energy bills and be more environmentally friendly.
    If you just can’t seem to get your home cool enough for your liking, it is possible that your unit should be replaced.
    We have mentioned constant repairs on older units, but an air conditioning unit that is always in need of work, no matter the age, might be costing you more money than purchasing a new system would cost.

Benefits of Professional AC Installation From Swinson AC

    The correct system for your home might be smaller or larger than you think. We know how to properly size air conditioners for all homes so they are effective and efficient, and fit the square footage and unique, individual requirements of your home
    Given the importance and price of your air conditioner, the last thing you want is guesswork when it comes to installation. Tiny details can make a big difference in the efficiency of your unit.
    Any warranty that comes with a new air conditioning unit is likely invalid if installed by someone who is not certified. Why risk it?

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