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Is your current comfort system underperforming? It might be time to consider Furnace Replacement.

Furnaces and heating systems are expensive appliances needed for your home. Not only can they be costly, but they also serve an important role in keeping you and your family comfortable no matter the weather. Because of this, who you choose to install a new furnace is vitally important.

Swinson Air Conditioning Company has been trusted by communities on The Eastern Shore since 1986. We are your reliable source for all services related to your comfort system, including furnace replacement/ furnace installation.

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Why Choose Swinson AC for Furnace Installation?

Understanding Types of Heat Systems

To begin,  “heater” is often used as an all-encompassing term to describe any unit that warms your home. Heaters can include furnaces, heat pumps, package units, and ductless split systems. You may not have thought about the differences, they are named separately for a reason.

These units heat air by burning fuel and use a blower to move the warm air throughout the home
While heat pumps function similarly to a furnace in the sense that warmed air is distributed through the home via ducts, the way it warms the air is completely different. Heat pumps function similarly to air conditioning units by using electricity and refrigerant to transfer heat from the air outside to inside.
Packaged Systems
Packaged systems provide cooling in the summer, and warm, consistent heat in the winter. All of the components are housed in one unit, making it an efficient choice for homes where space is limited.
Ductless Split Systems
Ductless systems use an indoor unit and outdoor unit to heat your home without the use of ductwork. These systems are great for home additions, sunrooms, garages, and more!