Preparing your home for winter with routine furnace maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for winter is to ensure your home’s furnace is operational, safe, and as energy-efficient as possible. The last thing you want in the middle of the night is to discover your furnace has broken down. That’s where a routine furnace maintenance visit from Swinson AC comes into play.

There are a wide variety of things that can happen to your furnace during the months where it isn’t in use, so it pays to have a professional Tech from Swinson AC come out and inspect your home’s furnace and perform routine furnace maintenance. During a regular inspection of your home’s furnace, our trusted technician will also clean the furnace, check and change the filter, check for any leaks or unhealthy gasses, and make sure that everything in your heating system is working as it should be.

Your heating system runs more at night during cold weather than your cooling system does. It’s always prudent to have your system safety inspection before the cold winter nights arrive.

During a recent routine furnace check, we found this heating contactor that was operating outside of normal range. We replaced the contactor so it is now functioning normally, saving the homeowners considerable money on any damage this problem may have caused if left unchecked. 

contactor_jan 2020

We found this Heating Contactor that was outside the normal temperature range. 

We replaced it and cleared up the problem before it occurred.

These contactor devices handle large current flows. Defective devices can fail and leave you with no heat in the middle of cold weather.

If you’re unsure about anything regarding your furnace and heating system, feel free to contact us! We will be able to help, as well as identify any smaller problems before they get out of hand. 

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