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Breathing Made Easy by Swinson AC

I’ll bet you never thought you’d have to give up everything for Lent this year. 

Unfortunately, this is the case for so many right now, and in this time of struggle, we want to do our part to help because one thing you shouldn’t have to give up is clean air in your home. Since you’ll probably be spending a lot more time at home, you should have an increased interest in the quality of air you and your family are breathing in your house. 

If you’re looking to decrease allergens and improve the quality of air you’re breathing in each and every day, consider these tips:

Clean Horizontal Surfaces Regularly

Cleaning horizontal surfaces such as countertops and floors are the first step in increasing the quality of air in your home. Horizontal surfaces hold particles that accumulate over a period of time. To begin, wipe down all counters, dust the tops of the cabinets, and clean off your dressers, side tables, and chests of drawers in the bedroom. Once all surfaces have been cleaned, vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors thoroughly. For those areas that are less accessible, a robot vacuum can be a very effective helper. This is the first step in the right direction!

Filter the Air that Goes Through Your AC System

Air filtration is one of the most important steps in breathing easier in your home. Keeping a clean filter helps in preventing dust, dirt, mold, and other allergens from entering the air conditioning system, and in turn, from entering the air in your home. This step is so important we include regular filter checks into our preventative maintenance plans

If you’re looking for a filter that may be an improvement to what you have now, we recommend a 4” media filter that drops into your return air filter grille. This typically costs $60-$100/year, and it is extremely effective in catching small particles.  We also have a wide range of air purification solutions that work with your existing system to eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, and more from the air you breathe. Continue reading or see our air purification page for more details.

Reduce Allergens from Accumulating Right at the Source

Another important step in getting the cleanest air possible in your home, as well as ensuring your system runs effectively and efficiently is cleaning the coils and ductwork of your system. During the cooling mode of your ac system, condensation forms on the coil and attracts particles, such as dirt, that pass through the air filter. These particles stick to the coil and can get into the ductwork, slowly causing your system to underperform or stop working completely.

Swinson Air Conditioning has not only written the book on indoor coil cleaning, we invented the machine that does the job without causing issues or making a mess. Our method has many benefits, but the biggest for you is that it’s about 1/2 the price of the old method. 

Treat the Air in Your Home to Make Breathing Easier

Treating the air in your home can protect your family against airborne irritants, odors, and viruses. We’ve listed out our top 2 generator guidelines to give you insight into what might work best for your situation:

  • Ozone generators and peroxide generators: while they’ve not been tested against COVID-19, they have been tested against other airborne viruses and have been found to be effective in reducing the length of time they can stay alive in the air in enclosed living spaces.
  • Hydro-peroxide generators: the REME-HALO hydrogen peroxide generators kill airborne viruses, reduce odors, and work to eliminate lung irritants in elevated ozone levels (occupied areas). 

See more about this generator here:

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At Swinson, we offer a complete process for identifying and correcting the deficiencies in your system to enhance the comfort in your living space. Since much of the dust in your home is from skin cells, we really are all returning to dust on this side of the veil.

To learn more about our air purification solutions, please view our Indoor Air Quality page.

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