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6 Air Purification Tips for Pet Owners

Air Purification for Pet Owners

Having a pet is like having another family member. We love them unconditionally and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but some parts of pet ownership could definitely be improved upon. For those of us with furry friends, that habit is the shedding hair and pet dander they leave behind in our homes. Although they can’t help but leave a few fur balls behind, there are things that you as a homeowner can do to keep your indoor air cleaner, even with pets!

1. Regularly Clean the House

Making it a habit to regularly clean around the house will make a huge difference in the amount of pet hair and dander you find lying around. Wipe down countertops, vacuum, sweep, and dust twice a week. Instead of just spraying air freshener, use odor eliminating trash bags, clean floors with carpet or hardwood floor cleaner, and use disinfecting sprays on countertops. These actions will eliminate odors caused by your pet instead of just masking them.

On top of seeing noticeable differences in pet hair around your home and smelling the difference of nice, fresh air, cleaning regularly also helps to keep dust, kitchen odors, and even allergens out of your home. Keep up with these cleaning methods weekly and do a deep cleaning every month for best results. air purification

2. Groom Your Pets air purification

Grooming your pets is a great way to cut down on the time you spend cleaning your home. Regular grooming reduces shedding and decreases the amount of dander your pet leaves behind in your home. Freshly groomed pets also smell great! This means you don’t have to worry as much about eliminating or masking the smell they leave behind. Need another reason to keep your pet groomed? Well, we’ve got one more! With less pet hair and dander in the air, your air filter will stay cleaner longer! That means fresher, more efficient air flow without having to change your filter as often.

3. Change Your Filters

Speaking of changing your air filter, even with cleaner air, you’ll still want to change your filter every 1-3 months depending on the season and your particular filter. Over time, pet hair and dander, as well as other airborne particles that get stopped by your filter begin to build up in thick layers making it difficult for air to pass through the filter. This makes your system less efficient and leads to higher monthly bills. Changing your filters regularly can keep this from becoming a problem. 

If you have multiple pets or allergy sufferers in your home, you’ll want to change your filter more often, especially during warmer months. Swinson Air’s licensed technicians make recommendations on a home-by-home basis, ensuring the best and most efficient results from your system. Whether that means changing your filters more or less often, we make sure your family is breathing the cleanest air possible.

4. Clean Air Vents

If your air vents are constantly gathering dust and other debris, you’re probably experiencing inefficiency with unclean air circulating throughout your home. Why? Because your system is working harder to pass clean air through your vents to heat up or cool down your home. When air does pass through, debris that’s gathered around the vent can break loose and circulate through the air in your home. 

If you haven’t cleaned your air vents before, read this article on how to clean your air vents from This article explains a more thorough cleaning process rather than just a quick vacuuming or dusting. air purification

5. Get Whole Home Air Purification

Whether you’re doing everything mentioned above or not, you’re likely still not experiencing the cleanest air possible. In order to get whole home air purification, you need to check out our indoor air quality systems. Our systems remove up to 99.98% of airborne particulates and allergens leaving you the cleanest air possible. 

Plus, with enhanced technology, this system is more effective and efficient than other systems of its kind. Ensure you’re breathing the cleanest air possible while saving time and money when you get an air purification system from Swinson AC.

6. Get HVAC Maintenance

Taking these steps to clean your home yourself are important in ensuring your family is breathing the cleanest air possible. However, it’s also important to get routine preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. Preventative maintenance from licensed professionals, such as those at Swinson AC, can ensure your system is running at peak performance all year round. 

Our maintenance plans include pre-season check-ups in the fall and spring. When you become a member of one of our maintenance plans, you’ll enjoy better energy efficiency, cleaner air, better home comfort, lower utility bills, and extended system life. Check out our plans

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