Duct cleaning

Duct Cleaning Process for Residents of Alabama’s Eastern Shore

The air in your home should be as clean as possible – free of mold, dirt, dust, and allergens. Where do you start? With trusted duct cleaning services from Swinson Air Conditioning. Because we built our duct cleaning machine ourselves, we’re the only company that can offer customized, top-notch, worry-free duct cleaning services for your home. However, learning about the process yourself is the first step in ensuring it goes smoothly. 

What Device Is Used for Duct Cleaning?

Since homes today are built so tightly-insulated and less ventilated than the homes in the past, HVAC systems are more vulnerable to dust, pollen, bacteria, and lint. We understand these harsh restrictions, as they’ve also made it harder to clean air ducts for companies like ours. However, determined to bring our community the cleanest air possible, we invented the machine that does it with ease and we’re the only company that offers it. 

Using negative pressure, contaminants invading your air ducts are ejected and collected into our machine. While tremendously effective, it’s also one of the most efficient methods of duct cleaning available.

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

Our duct cleaning process has been designed according to the industry’s best practices:

1. Set Up The Work Area

We know your household items are valuable, so we will remove items from the work space and cover furniture if needed. Duct grills will be removed in this step as well.

2. Inspect the Ductwork

An inspection helps us understand your ducts’ condition. We will get a visualization of the whole duct system to determine the layout and whether any repairs need to be made before the cleaning process begins. 

3. Access the Ductwork

For effective cleaning, it’s necessary for each duct section to be accessible. Usually, duct areas are accessible through the following routes:

    • Supply & Return Grilles
    • Diffusers
    • End Caps
    • Service Openings


4. Agitate

Although there might be some particles floating freely due to airflow, most of the debris and contaminants are stuck on the sides of the ductwork. These contaminants need an external force to detach them from the sides. This is called agitating.

Bacteria is a typical example of a contaminant that needs agitating. It grows inside the interior duct surfaces by feeding on humidity, and usually rests along the side for most of its life. 

To remove those contaminants and dust stuck on the internal surfaces, we may use several agitating devices such as rotary brushes, compressed air nozzles, or forward skip tools.

5. Create Negative Pressure

When using negative pressure, first, the vacuum is connected into the duct and sealed tightly to the joint. As the vacuum turns on, particulates will start dislodging from the ducts’ inner sides and be collected into the vacuum receptacle. If the HVAC system is agitated before, the process is much more efficient. However, it’s a good practice to continue mechanical agitation even after creating negative pressure.

6. Clean

There are other components that can make or break the efficiency of the whole system. Cleaning these components is equally as important. For example, air blowers and evaporator coils should be cleaned as well to keep humidity down and efficiency up. 

7. Filter the Vacuum Exhaust

For meeting the industry’s standards, it’s recommended for negative-pressure vacuum exhaust to terminate in an efficient particulate air filter, up to the medical-grade standards, i.e., it will remove 99% of airborne particulates that are smaller than 0.1 microns, such as mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Does Negative Pressure Air Duct Cleaning Work? 

Negative pressure technology works perfectly for small-scale duct cleaning services, i.e., residential houses. It’s an economical and fast solution for cleaning air ducts efficiently and without creating a big mess.

What’s Next?

Interested in learning more about the duct-cleaning solutions offered by Swinson Air Conditioning? Contact us! We can give you advice on what exactly your home needs. We are a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer.

To learn more about our company or the services we offer, visit our website at https://swinsonac.com/. Feel free to call us at 251-990-0998 with any questions.