Noises Coming From Your HVAC System

Noises Coming From Your HVAC System You Should Not Ignore

You likely hear many noises in your home throughout the day; the casual creaking of old wood, the ice machine crackling, or the sound of wind whirling against the siding. While many noises you’ll hear throughout the day are normal, there are some noises you should not ignore. Strange noises coming from your HVAC system may not be something to take lightly. Before calling for help, read this helpful article to find out what noises you might hear and what they could mean.


If there is a room in your home that doesn’t get used often, you may have closed the vents to that room to save energy where it’s not needed. If this is the case, you may be hearing a whistling noise coming from your air vents. When a vent is closed, that air gets forced into other areas of the home. When too much air is pushed through an air vent, whistling or roaring sounds may be heard. When air is blocked from entering a room, the sound is from the tiny bit of air being forced through the vent. 

To get rid of whistling air, limit the number of closed vents in your home. Even if you’re trying to save money in particular areas of your home, a little air flow into a seldom used room won’t hurt! 

Dripping Water

Hearing the sound of dripping water can be alarming, and many times it should be. The sound of dripping water could be coming from clogged or cracked drains, or even over-filled condensate drain pans. If issues involving water are not solved immediately, flooding (on a large or small scale) could occur and cause damage to the foundational aspects of your home. 

If you hear dripping water, turn off the system and contact a professional HVAC contractor, like Swinson AC. They will inspect the system and make the necessary repairs to ensure no further damage occurs. If the system has been leaking for more than a few hours, it is best to have the area inspected for mold and any possible long-term damaging effects. 


A rattling noise in your HVAC system may indicate something is loose. If you hear a rattling noise, check your outdoor system for any loose debris that could be obstructing the condenser fan. Be sure to turn off the system if you’re planning to remove the debris. If there’s no visible debris, there could be a loose piece further in the system or it could be a sign the compressor is failing. 

If the noise is coming from the indoor system, it could be coming from a loose screw or wobbly supply air fan in the air handler. Any issues involving a rattling noise should be taken care of by a professional HVAC contractor. Be sure to take care of this problem quickly as it could easily worsen.


If you hear a squeaking noise, it could be a minor issue such as a loose fan belt or worn bearing, or it could be the more serious sound of a dying compressor. Most often, squeaking is coming from a belt or bearing which can be replaced by one of our technicians at Swinson Air Conditioning Co.; however, louder squeaking or even screeching might be the more major noise of a dying compressor. In this case, one of our technicians will walk you through your best options for fixing or replacing the unit if necessary.

Bubbling or Gurgling

Bubbling or gurgling noises could be signs that your comfort system is low on refrigerant. If your comfort system is low on refrigerant, on top of the noises it’s making, you will likely notice the system struggling to cool your home. Leaking refrigerant is bad for the environment and could be harmful to your health. Be sure to call us immediately to address a possible refrigerant leak and get your system back up and running again.

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