5 Common HVAC Problems During Winter

5 Common HVAC Problems During Winter

We know problems with your HVAC system are not something you want to deal with, especially during the holiday season. However, it is important to be aware of potential issues and quickly address them when they arise. Cooler weather can put a strain on your system, so be prepared to the best of your ability by learning more about common HVAC problems during winter. 

1. Dirty Air Filters

You might think there is a problem with your heating system when it’s simply in need of a new filter. It’s crucial to regularly change your system’s air filters all year long. Over time, debris and dust will build up in your filters. When your filter gets clogged, your system cannot distribute air efficiently throughout your home. Before you start cranking up the heat, check your air filters as they may be the problem. 

A blocked filter keeps your system from working properly overall. You may hear your system frequently turning on and off, which is often caused by a clogged or faulty filter. If your heating system is cycling quickly, begin by investigating your filters. Replacing your filters is an easy and affordable fix that can make a huge difference in your comfort level. 

2. Frozen Pipes And Coils

Even though it doesn’t snow here often, ice accumulation can still be an issue for your HVAC system. If your pipes and coils freeze, your entire system can malfunction, and this is more likely to happen during the winter. The hydronic system can be blocked and thus the flow of air obstructed. Be sure to call for professional HVAC help immediately. We offer emergency service and are readily available to provide expert, reliable solutions. 

3. An Inefficient System

If your system isn’t operating at its highest efficiency, you may come to notice it more during the winter. You may find that your home is heating unevenly. Some rooms are plenty warm but others never seem to heat up no matter how much you crank up the air. This is a key sign that your heating system is not doing its job properly. 

It is wise to invest in a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to provide you with peace of mind knowing your system is working correctly and efficiently. Technicians can catch potential issues before you end up with costly, untimely repair needs this winter. Our Maintenance Plan will extend the life of your system and keep your home more comfortable. Additionally, customers receive a variety of great member benefits.

4. Broken Thermostat

Your HVAC problem may not lie within your heating system at all. Sometimes, issues with your thermostat can mess with your comfort. It can even be as simple as a dead battery! However, if it’s something more, an HVAC professional can repair any faulty wiring or install a new thermostat if needed. A properly functioning thermostat will keep your home’s temperature in check. To take it up a notch, invest in a programmable thermostat in order to save on your heating bills. 

5. Heat Pump Malfunctions

Many of us on the Gulf Coast have heat pumps installed for our homes. As temperatures drop, it’s important to check that any coils or fans within the system don’t frost over. If you have a newer heat pump, it’s possible that your system came with an automatic defrosting system. This is a very convenient upgrade for those with newer installs. However, it is still good practice to routinely check your system in cold weather either way.

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