5 Ways to Improve Your Home On A Budget

5 Ways to Improve Your Home On A Budget

We all want our house to be our dream home, but oftentimes, making updates is easier said than done. Seriously, what are the first words that come to mind when you think of renovating your home – expensive and time-consuming? Well, it’s time to change your mindset! There are tons of projects you can take on that are simple to execute and don’t cost a fortune. Read through these 5 ways to improve your home on a budget and start working on your dream home today!

New Hardware

Replacing the hardware on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. Outdated, chipped, or broken knobs and pulls can be major eyesores that make your home look dated and feel cheap. Refresh your cabinets with some new hardware this winter. From bright, novelty knobs, to classy pewter options, and antique to modern finishes, there are endless options to choose from. If you’re looking to go bigger, match your appliances to your finishes for a cohesive and luxurious look throughout. 

Fresh Paint

Are your walls dying for a fresh coat of paint? If you’re looking to upgrade your paint color, try making a statement with modern, bold colors. Deep blues, olive greens, and light pinks are all the rage right now. However, if you’re into the whole “go big or go home” concept, accent walls are another great way to add some eye catching appeal without painting a whole room. Keep 3 walls in any space a neutral off-white or beige color, and choose one wall to paint a contrasting color or to add a fun design. Shiplap and wood-accented walls with natural finishes or painted white or black are gorgeous, modern, and in-style.

Cabinet Refresh

Replacing your cabinets is expensive , time-consuming, and can make a mess of your home. A great way to revitalize your cabinets affordably is to paint the frames and doors. Your cabinets can look brand new with a fresh coat of paint paired with the new hardware we discussed earlier. If you’re feeling bold, don’t be afraid to paint your cabinets a bold or bright statement color! Certain color choices can even make your space feel bigger than before. Make sure you wipe down cabinets at least once a month to keep fingerprints and dust off and keep them looking new.

DIY Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are fantastic accents for your main bedroom, guest bedroom, or living room. Unfortunately, they tend to add up in cost. However, did you know it’s surprisingly simple to make your own? There are countless tutorials available online to learn how to make your own unique throw pillows quickly and affordably. While this project is definitely for the DIY-er, it’s one anybody can take on if you’re willing to learn. Throw pillows can make a big difference in the comforting, homey feeling of your house. 

A New Backsplash

If your kitchen is looking dated, try adding a new backsplash! Choosing an eye catching tile or fun pattern can take your home to the next level. You can choose from various materials such as stone, ceramic, glass, or even a peel-and-stick for a super affordable option. If you’re hesitant to commit to any one design, this might be the best option for you. However, because the backsplash takes up such a small area of your home, it really doesn’t cost much no matter which option you choose.

Indoor Air Quality

While this isn’t necessarily a home renovation idea, good indoor air quality can make a big difference in your home. With an air purification system, your home will be cleaner, fresher, and more comfortable. After all, we spend a whopping 80% of our time indoors, so the air we breathe inside is crucial to our overall health. Air purification systems are able to remove up to 99.98% of airborne contaminants from your home. Give Swinson Air Conditioning a call to keep your family happy and healthy inside your beautiful home. 

We’re Here to Help!

We can’t be of much help when it comes to home renovations, but we are here for any and all of your home comfort needs. Swinson Air Conditioning proudly provides HVAC services to communities on the Eastern Shore including Loxley, Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and surrounding areas in coastal Alabama. 

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