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How To Start Your Own Garden This Spring

Have you been craving fresh fruits and vegetables – something that tastes like it was just picked from the vine? Maybe you want a change of scenery, or some bright colors and new life around your home. If so, now’s the perfect time to start your own garden! Planting your own garden shouldn’t be an overwhelming or tiring experience. Follow our advice to help make this new hobby simple, enjoyable, and beneficial.


The first step in starting a garden is to locate the best spot in your yard so your garden will flourish. Examine your yard throughout the day to find a spot which gets a full day of sun. For most garden plants, the more sun, the better. A location with 6-8 hours of sun will offer the biggest and best tasting vegetables. 

Once you’ve selected the best spot, head inside to begin drawing up your garden plot. Depending on the plants you choose, different amounts of space will be needed. If you have limited space, choose vegetables which grow vertically, such as tomatoes or sunflowers. If you have more space, you can look into placing more wide-growing plants such as watermelons, cabbage, or wildflowers. It is also important to take your area’s climate into account when selecting your plants.

Good Soil

If you have bad soil, your plants will struggle to grow no matter what you try. Many gardeners will “double-dig” the ground when starting their garden for the season. “Double-digging” is where you dig twice as deep into your garden bed, then add a layer of organic matter such as compost, aged manure, or planting mix on top. Your mixture should be about two thirds native soil and one-third organic matter. This is a great way to create an optimal soil mix which is moist and rich in nutrients to help your garden grow. 

If all of this digging sounds like a bit too much work, give raised beds a go. The raised edges will keep everything contained while having soil which is uncompressed, warmer, and has better drainage. There are many tutorials online for you to choose from for the best raised bed DIY. 

Involve The Whole Family

Planting and maintaining a garden is a great way to bring the whole family together. Your kids will love digging in the soil and planting each plant in its new home. Once everything is planted, everyone can pitch in to keep it flourishing. Keep control of weeds by hand-picking them from the garden, and check the soil daily to see when your plants need water. All this hard work will pay off in the end in the form of deliciously fresh vegetables or beautiful flowers!

A Final Fun Fact

Before we leave you, we have a fun plant fact for you! Did you know there are tons of plants that can help you improve your indoor air quality as well? While you’re picking out vegetables for your garden, select a few indoor plants as well. Plants such as Barberton Daisies, English Ivy, Snake Plants, or Chrysanthemums are great air purifying choices.

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