Cultivating A Healthy Lifestyle

4 Steps to Start Cultivating A Healthy Lifestyle This Spring

Are you ready to spring into a healthier lifestyle? There’s no better time than now! Take inspiration from the change in weather and begin modifying your lifestyle to develop a happier and healthier way of living! If you’re new at making changes to your lifestyle, just remember everyone has to start somewhere. Follow these simple steps to start cultivating a healthy lifestyle this spring.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is probably the least exciting, yet most effective part of cultivating a healthy lifestyle. If you’re dreading starting a “diet,” it’s likely because the word diet is negatively associated with weight loss and strict food restrictions. Start by removing the word “diet” from your dictionary, and replace it with the words “eating healthy.” Once you change your mindset, the rest will come much more naturally. 

Start eating healthy by decreasing sugar intake. If you’re a sweets-junkee, we understand, but it’s important to reduce the amount of artificial sugars in your body to start living a healthier life. Once that’s done, try reducing your carb intake from breads, pastas, and white rice, and replace those with beans, greens, and fruits. 

Your water intake is also an important aspect of “healthy eating” that coincides with reducing your sugar intake. Try replacing your sodas, energy drinks, and manufactured juices with sugar-free tea, lemonade, or, of course, water. Natural fruit juices with no artificial sweeteners are also a much healthier alternative.

Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep is extremely important for your physical and mental health, and is a great way to start cultivating a healthier lifestyle. Did you know most adults require 7-9 hours of sleep each night? Without proper sleep your health could be negatively affected in ways including increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stress and irritability, and stroke. 

On top of decreasing those risks, getting the proper amount of sleep has tons of benefits including maintaining or losing weight, improving productivity, strengthening your heart, improving your immune system, and making you feel happier.

To start getting better sleep try creating a night time routine. Eliminate food intake at least 2 hours before going to bed, and put away all electronics during this time as well. Do something that relaxes you before getting in the bed, such as reading a book or taking a bath. Lastly, set a time to get into bed each night to condition your body to a sleep schedule.


Once you’re getting the proper amount of sleep and eating healthier, you’ll feel you have more energy to do the things you love, or maybe take on some new hobbies. Exercising doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym every day before or after work. Exercising can be part of your daily routine in a fun, effective way.

If you’re not planning to go to the gym, most of your exercise will likely take place outside. Luckily, it’s spring, so taking in the sunshine and warm air will be a benefit to your health and mood as well. Take on new hobbies such as gardening, golfing, kayaking, biking, or hiking to incorporate muscle-strengthening and full body cardio into your routine.

Exercise has tons of benefits for your health as well such as supporting a healthy metabolism, reducing health issues like obesity and high blood pressure, and making you feel happier. All of these benefits also contribute to the benefit of living a longer life.

Keeping A Clean Home

It can be very beneficial to your mental and physical health to keep your home clean. As they say “a clean home is a healthy home,” and there’s no better time to clean than the spring. If you haven’t already, check out our Spring Cleaning Checklist for the best ways to quickly and effectively deep clean your home this season.

When cleaning your home, it’s important you don’t forget about your indoor air quality. There are more allergens floating around your home than you realize, creating an unhealthy atmosphere. You can, however, clean the allergens you can’t even see with an air purification system from Swinson AC. These systems eliminate 99.9% of pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, and even viruses from the air in your home. With a clean and healthy home, you’ll feel happier, healthier, and more comfortable.

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Ultimately, cultivating a healthier lifestyle, whether through eating, exercising, or keeping a clean home is a decision you have to make and stick to in order for it to really take effect. 

While we’re not professionals in the area of healthy eating or exercising, we are professionals when it comes to keeping the air in your home cleaner for you and your family. If you’re interested in an air purification system from Swinson Air Conditioning, contact us at

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