Duct Cleaning Process

Our Duct Cleaning Process from Start to Finish

Are you noticing lingering odors, musty smells, or increased dust throughout your home? If you answered yes and you’re unsure of where to turn, it may be beneficial to have your air ducts cleaned. Duct cleaning can help free the air in your home of mold, dirt, pet dander, and other allergens. However, not all HVAC professionals are professionals in duct cleaning as well. Swinson Air Conditioning is. In fact, we offer duct cleaning services specifically designed for homes and businesses in the Eastern Shore. Begin learning about the duct cleaning process yourself to ensure it goes smoothly.

What Device Is Used?

With homes today being more tightly sealed than ever before with insulation and less ventilation, there’s higher potential for allergens and other contaminants to become trapped inside. Because of this, your air ducts are more vulnerable to those contaminants moving through the HVAC system. In order to get cleaner air in the homes of our customers, we offer a machine that cleans air ducts with ease.

This machine uses negative pressure to eject contaminants from your ductwork and collect those contaminants in a sealed receptacle. This means we will not remove your ductwork or apply any unnecessary pressure that could cause damage. 

The Process

Our duct cleaning process has been designed according to the industry’s standard for best practices. This way, we can ensure we don’t cause damage to your existing ductwork.

1. Set Up the Work Area 

We understand your items are valuable and our safety in your home is important. So, in every area we will be working, even outdoors, we make sure our surroundings are clear and there is nothing in our way or in the way of the equipment. We will even cover furniture if needed and remove duct grills.

2. Inspect your Ductwork

Inspections help us better understand what we’re working with. We have to know the layout of your ductwork before beginning work. We will get a visualization of the whole system to determine if repairs are needed before work begins.

3. Access the Ductwork

For effective cleaning, it’s necessary for each duct section to be accessible. Usually, duct areas are accessible through the following routes:

    • Supply & Return Grilles
    • Diffusers
    • End Caps
    • Service Openings


4. Agitate Contaminants

Most debris in your ductwork will actually be stuck to the interior walls. However, if you think that’s keeping the air in your home clean, you’re mistaken. These particles will let loose and enter your home on a regular basis. Take bacteria for example. Bacteria grows inside the ductwork as a result of moisture and improper ventilation. While it rests along the sides of the ductwork for most of its life, there’s no telling when it will let loose and enter your home. 

In order to get all contaminants loose for a complete cleaning, we must agitate them. This means adding an external force like air pressure to detach them from the walls. We may use several agitating devices such as rotary brushed, compressed air nozzles, or forward skip tools; all of which we will have on hand at your duct cleaning!

5. Create Negative Pressure

Negative pressure is what sucks the agitated particles out of your ductwork and into our sealed receptacle. By using negative pressure, we don’t have to scrape, wipe down, or run equipment along the ductwork and risk damaging it. When using negative pressure, the vacuum is connected to the duct and sealed tightly to the joint. As the vacuum turns on, particulates will start dislodging from the ducts’ inner sides and be collected into the vacuum receptacle.

6. Clean

Cleaning other components of your system is part of our process as well and it’s equally as important. Components like your air blowers and evaporator coils can make or break the efficiency of your system, so we want to ensure they’re running their best. 

7. Filter the Vacuum Exhaust

For meeting the industry’s standards, it’s recommended for negative-pressure vacuum exhaust to terminate in an efficient particulate air filter, up to the medical-grade standards, i.e., it will remove 99% of airborne particulates that are smaller than 0.1 microns, such as mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Learn More

Negative pressure technology works perfectly for small-scale duct cleaning services, i.e., residential houses. It’s an economical and fast solution for cleaning air ducts efficiently and without creating a big mess.

To learn more about professional duct cleaning services from Swinson Air Conditioning, visit our website at https://swinsonac.com/home-performance/duct-cleaning/. Swinson Air Conditioning company is proudly an American Standard Customer Care Dealer, providing HVAC services to communities Eastern Shore including Loxley, Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and surrounding areas in coastal Alabama.