Home Addition Ideas

Home Addition Ideas to Increase Square Footage & Value

If you’re thinking about investing in an addition to your home, we can assure you home additions are worth the added value to your home. On top of that, if you’re even thinking about it, the extra room is probably something you really need to be able to grow and thrive in your home. One of the best things about doing your own home addition, is that you get to customize it to your needs, instead of buying a new home where you may have to settle. Look through these home addition ideas that will increase the square footage and value of your home, and start thinking about investing in these worthwhile projects!

1. Sunroom 

A sunroom is one of those things you may not know you want until it’s brought to your attention. Sunrooms can be great little escapes from the hustle and bustle inside the rest of your home. They offer optimal space to be used as a reading nook, a sitting area, a plant utopia, or a number of other things. Since sunrooms are usually built with surrounding floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll have beautiful views and tons of natural lighting. These little spaces are also so fun to decorate as you can really get creative in making your sunroom exactly what you want. 

2. Garage

If you don’t currently have a garage, adding once creates tons of value and square footage to your home. In fact, many buyers won’t purchase a home that doesn’t have that additional space. You even have the option of adding a detached garage to your home. Detached garages come in all different shapes and sizes, can usually be customized to match your home, and could even add workshop space or a bonus room above.

If you do currently have a garage and you’re looking to add to the indoor square footage of usable space in your home, convert your garage into a bedroom, in-law suite, workout room, theater, office, playroom, or whatever you desire. Many homeowners who need additional space are happy to convert their garage as this project is budget-friendly and usually doesn’t require moving out for weeks or months.

3. Bedroom

If you’ve got all the space you need throughout the rest of your home, but need just one more bedroom, don’t be afraid to add it on! Homeowners add additional square footage through building an extra bedroom for multiple reasons: having another child, needing a guest bedroom, and more. Since bedrooms are usually a smaller addition, they can be relatively cost-effective while adding tons of value to your home. Start with deciding where to place the extra room based on the outside and inside spaces of your home and then decide on reputable contractors to complete the job. 

4. In-law Suite

Adding an in-law suite can be a more expensive home addition. These suites usually consist of a kitchenette or full kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and possibly even a living room area. In-law suites can be added onto your current home, or like a garage, they can be separate from your home completely. If you want to build one separate from your home, you could create a cottage-like feel with some landscaping as well. If the in-law suite will be built onto your home, consider adding a separate outside door for the space’s inhabitant(s) to come and go without having to go through the house.

5. Bonus Room

Whether you have an upstairs space in your home or not, adding a bonus room could be very beneficial. Bonus rooms can be used for so many different things such as a playroom, extra storage space, a TV room, a sewing (or other hobby) room, and so much more. If you don’t have an upstairs already, it may be beneficial to add an upstairs space with a bonus room. This is a less expensive option than having to pour additional concrete for the room to sit on if it’s downstairs.

6. Owner’s Suite

If you have a small owner’s suite, you might consider adding on to it to create some extra space. It’s never a bad idea to add space to an owner’s suite, as this will only increase your home’s value and, of course, square footage. If you’re considering adding onto your owner’s suite, or not sure why you’d do so, here are some reasons you may want the extra space: a sitting area, a reading nook, an office space, extra room for furniture, bigger closets, or more bathroom space. There are plenty of other options for things you can use this additional space for, but those are just a few!

7. Outdoor Space

Do you have an outdoor space that’s just too small? Or maybe you don’t have one at all? Add a porch, patio, or deck! While this may not increase the square footage inside your home, it will increase the overall square footage of entertaining space and your home’s value. The current layout of the outside of your home will determine whether you can build a porch or deck, or whether you should lay a foundation for a patio. Either way, you won’t regret this small addition that makes a huge difference!

8. Basement

If you have a basement already, you can create additional living space by completely unfinished areas. This may not actually increase the square footage of your home, but adding living space is just as good and will increase your home’s value. An unfinished basement holds a ton of potential for you to make spaces for whatever you like, much like a converted garage. Finishing your basement can mean making space for a game room, workout room, theater, kitchen, bedrooms, and even storage space. You could even add additional garage space in your basement for ATVs, golf carts, campers, boats, and more. 


No matter the home addition you decide on, you’ll need to add HVAC to the space to keep it comfortable. Contact local HVAC contractors you can trust like Swinson AC to get the job done. Whether you need a ductless mini-split system to control just the comfort of your new space, a new zoning system to separate comfort for different parts of your home, or connected ductwork to extend into the additional space, we have you covered!

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