How to Plan the Perfect Camping Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Camping Trip

Whether you’re camping for the first time or camping for the hundredth time, planning the perfect camping trip takes some work! After all, you have to figure out where you should camp, what you should do, what supplies you will need, and so much more. This article has all the tips you’ll need to ensure you plan the perfect camping trip with your family every time!

Types of Camping 

The first step towards planning the perfect camping trip is determining the type of camping you are looking to do. With two main ways of camping, it is important to know what you are interested in to ensure you choose the right location and don’t take on more than you can handle. 

Campground Camping 

Campground camping is what most people think of when they hear the word “camping.” This is your traditional camping experience at a campground with accommodations including fire pits, camping plots, trash cans, electricity, and bathhouses. If you do not camp regularly, or if you’re camping with young children, this may be a good option for your upcoming camping trip. 

Many times, campgrounds also have amenities like playgrounds, boat and kayak rentals, mini-golf courses, pavilions, and more. They are also usually found in close proximities to lakes, ponds, rivers, mountains, and other sight-seeing or activity-inducing locations. There are a lot of great campgrounds in our area- being so close to the beach is great for camping! 

Dispersed Camping 

For a more primitive camping experience, you can plan for a dispersed camping trip. Dispersed camping is camping outside of designated camping grounds. With this camping style, there is generally less accommodations available, including no electricity or bathrooms. If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in nature, this type of camping may be perfect for your trip. It’s important to note, this type of camping is generally for those who are experienced in wilderness survival. It can be easy to get lost when finding your perfect primitive campsite, so always ensure you have a way of tracking your location.

Location & Reservations

Speaking of locations, choosing where you want to go is one of the most exciting parts of planning. I mean, you probably want to camp somewhere awesome, right? Whether you are looking to stay local or wanting to take a longer trip farther away, camping allows you to really get creative with exploring different naturesque locations! Once you choose your destination, ensure that you have a reservation if need be. Most campgrounds require reservations, so be sure to book your reservation in advance to secure your spot. 

Some great places to go camping in Alabama are: 

    • Caney Creek Falls
    • Cathedral Caverns State Park
    • Bartram Canoe Trail
    • Dismals Canyon
    • Cheaha State Park
    • DeSoto State Park
    • Oak Mountain State Park
    • Gulf State Park
    • Noccalula Falls Park

Supplies & Safety 

There are many things that you will want to bring with you for your trip: adequate gear, medical supplies, and appropriate clothing. Stay safe on your trip by having all the necessary materials to keep you and your family safe and happy! 

Camping Gear 

Having the appropriate camping gear will make your camping experience run more smoothly. Proper gear and preparations will ensure you are comfortable and safe throughout your trip. Here is a short list of some of the basic camping gear you will need for your upcoming trip: 

    • Waterproof Tent 
    • Sleeping Bag & Pillows 
    • Air Mattress (Optional)
    • Comfortable Clothes (Layered Clothing) 
    • Flashlights & Headlamps
    • Camping Chairs
    • Camping Tables (If Picnic Tables Are N/A)
    • Cooking Equipment (Grill/ Grates, Pots, Utensils, Plates, Etc.) 
    • Lighter/ Fire-Starting Kit
    • First Aid Kit 

First-Aid Materials 

A stocked first aid kit is essential for your camping trip, but it is also useful to have for everyday situations just in case. Check out this checklist of materials to include in your first aid kit at to ensure you are ready to take care of yourself and your companions in case of emergencies. Be sure you know how to use the specified materials in your kit in case of emergency. 

Safety Tips 

Although you probably won’t need it, it is always best to have a safety plan in place before your trip. Let someone know where you will be camping, and provide details about your trip as well as your return date. While camping, it may be difficult to call for help, so it is important to have a plan for how you will contact emergency services if need be. Research the specific wildlife that you could come into contact with in the location you’re staying, and buy the necessary tools (bear spray, etc.) to ensure you can keep yourself safe. Keep any food put away and keep your trash a good ways away from your campsite to keep wildlife away.

Understand your abilities and expertise, and do not take on any activities that are too strenuous for you and your family. When primitive camping, be sure to mark your trail as you go in so you can easily find your way out. As always, be aware of your surroundings. For more safety tips, check out this link:


Planning your meals before your camping trip will ensure you have prepared enough food and snacks for the duration of your trip. Additionally, you will know all the necessary utensils and cooking equipment you will need to bring with you as well. Storage containers will be essential to keep any bugs or animals out of your food. Before you leave for your trip, check with the campground or visit their website to learn about any storage or food disposal requirements. Don’t forget the s’mores! 

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