surprising facts about furnaces

10 Surprising Facts About Furnaces 

As you cozy up in the warmth of your home this winter, you might wonder about the system keeping your home so comfortable. To help you learn a little about your furnace or heat pump, we’ve compiled a list of 10 surprising facts about furnaces to give you a little more insight into this amazing appliance in your home!

1. How long have furnaces existed? 

Believe it or not, furnaces have been around since the time of the Romans! Over a thousand years ago, the earliest type of furnace called the “hypocaust” was a below-floor heating system. While it may not have looked the same or worked as well as furnaces today, it was a furnace nonetheless! Imagine being warm in the winter for the first time in history!

2. Where does the word furnace come from?

Although there’s some debate as to where the word originates, the word “furnace” is understood to come from the Old French word “fornaise,” which means oven. The latin root of the word is ‘fornace’, which means “oven or kiln.” Fitting, don’t you think?

3. What is the average life expectancy of my furnace?

A well-maintained furnace can last around 15 to 20 years. However, regularly keeping up with the maintenance of your furnace can help it last even longer and allow it to function at its prime. Ask us about our maintenance plan options today!

4. Do I have to change my filter to keep my furnace functional?

Yes! While you might not feel the need to change your filter regularly, clean filters go a long way toward helping your system operate effectively and efficiently, on top of keeping the air in your home cleaner. A dirty or clogged filter reduces your indoor air quality and disrupts the natural flow of air. Plus, if your filter gets too filled with particulates, your system’s safety switch will cause it to shut down to prevent a fire or further damage to your system. Change your filter every 1-3 months!

5. How much of my energy is spent on heating? 

Home heating makes up 30-50% of your energy costs each month, which is no small amount! With an efficient furnace, you could save up to 50% on your energy bills, depending on the current system you have. Newer technology allows furnaces to now be much more efficient than furnaces built 5-10 years ago. Ask us about our options for highly-efficient furnaces today! 

6. What is a safe temperature range to keep my furnace at? 

Your furnace can get up to 140-170 degrees Farenheit all by itself producing any range of warm temperatures for your home! While home, you should keep your furnace between 68-72. While away or sleeping, you can lower temperatures at 66-70 to keep your system running more efficiently and safely.

7. What are some other names for Furnaces?

There are actually many names for a furnace, so don’t be confused! In different parts of the U.S., furnaces are also called boilers, hearths, heaters, kilns, stoves, and more. 

8. What should I NOT do with my furnace? 

Be sure that you don’t block off your ventilation from your filter by placing it in front of large objects or against a wall that hinders airflow. By blocking the heat, your furnace will not be able to efficiently heat your home, and this could be a safety hazard as well. You should also make sure the space surrounding your furnace doesn’t have any combustible materials like gasoline, aerosols, paint, or paint thinners. 

9. Is a government-approved furnace safer? 

Generally, all installation of furnaces is regulated by the United States government, and therefore your installation is safe no matter what. Swinson Air Conditioning also has the guarantee of American Standard to give you top-quality systems 

10. Can I install my own furnace to save money? 

No! Please always put your trust in a professional to install major systems in your home. No matter what kind of appliance you purchase, make sure there is a certified and insured professional to install your furnace to keep your home safe and efficient in the long run. 

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