Why Air Purification Is Important During Winter In Loxley, AL

Why Air Purification Is Important During Winter

During the winter, we begin to see harmful bacteria and viruses affect those around us. Winter is what’s known as “cold and flu season” and it’s clear why. However, winter is not the only time that harmful allergens and other airborne particles affect our health, and the best way to fight these pesky particles is with air purification. Having purified air is important for you all year round, as it can protect you from harmful chemicals, filter out pet dander and other allergens, and even eliminate viruses. 

Minimize Viruses and Colds

Having an air purification system in your home can go a long way toward preventing unwanted symptoms of the cold, flu, and even Covid-19, and keep your family free from bacteria and outdoor contaminants. If anyone in your home suffers from severe allergies or respiratory illnesses, you definitely need an air purification system. These systems work toward the health of your whole family inside your home.

Reduce Dryness

Colder weather usually means more dryness in your home, however, an air purification system can actually reduce some of the serious risks of dry air by filtering out pollutants. Winter air has less moisture in it than in the summer months, which causes more contaminants to remain in the air, and therefore enter your home. Having this type of air pollution in the home can lead to dry skin, nosebleeds, and joint tightness. An air purifier can reduce the possibilities of negative health effects and keep you healthy in the winter!

Improved Sleep and Mental Health

Seasonal depression is very common during the weather due to less daylight, colder temperatures, and more time spent inside oversleeping and overeating. With more time spent inside, this can cause stress and anxiety for many people. Air purification can help positively affect your mood, as a cleaner indoor environment is vital to feelings of happiness and high-energy levels! Using an air purifier at night is also linked to improved sleep and breathing, which are also directly correlated to being happier and less stressed.

Keeping a Clean Home

Closing up windows, putting in insulation, and sealing door frames are all common winter preventative measures to keep your home toasty and warm. However, with homes today more tightly sealed than ever before, we experience decreased ventilation since there is no natural flow of air from the outside to the inside of your home. This can cause dust and outdoor particles to settle into your carpets, furniture, and bedding. These contaminants can cause all kinds of issues such as mold spores and other unwanted moisture issues in your home! It’s very important to make sure that you have a system in place to remove such particles, so your home can stay clean and fresh this winter.

Pet Contamination

In warmer months, pet dander and hair tends to not cause too many issues because your pets spend more time outside or in the backyard. However, colder weather and more time inside with your animals can cause their hair and pet dander to stay for longer on your clothes and surfaces in your home. This can induce allergies and affect the overall quality of the air in your home if not filtered out. Air purification systems even work to eliminate pet hair and dander from your home!

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