Nip Spring Allergies In The Bud With These Tips

Nip Spring Allergies In The Bud With These Tips

With spring beginning, there are more opportunities to go outside, enjoy the fresh air, and spend time in nature. However with the change in seasons, there are also changes in our environment and an increase in allergies. If you or someone you know suffers from spring allergies, read through this helpful blog and help them nip their spring allergies in the bud with these tips!

Be Aware of Pollen Counts

Pollen is the most common substance that can cause irritation from seasonal allergies. Pollen is a light, powder-like substance that comes from different weeds, plants and flowers, and is especially potent in the spring months. The higher the pollen count in your area, the more likely you are to experience symptoms from it, such as watery and/or itchy eyes and nose, headaches, coughing, and fatigue. You can check pollen counts on your local weather website or news station, and try to stay inside and away from plants during surges in the area.

Close Windows & Doors

An easy strategy to combat spring allergies is to keep doors and windows closed. We already bring tons of pollen and other allergens inside our house on our clothes, shoes, hair, and even our skin. If we opened our windows, even on a comfortable day, we’d be letting in thousands more allergen particulates. When your home is sealed, you can better control the amount of allergens infiltrating your indoor air.

Stay Indoors

While the weather might be nicer and you might be ready to get in the sunshine, it could be beneficial to try and stay indoors as much as possible if you know you’re prone to allergies. This is especially important during the early morning and middle of the day when allergen levels are at their highest. Save your explorations and activities for later in the day when pollen counts are usually lower. There are plenty of sources to help you track pollen levels in Loxley, Alabama and surrounding areas.

Shower Before Bed

Individual pollen fibers from the air and plants outside are small and latch onto any part of you they can, making them easy to bring inside. Pets are also a major source for bringing allergens into our homes. Be sure to wash clothes regularly and shower before going to sleep so the fibers don’t stay in your bed and continue to irritate you throughout the night. If your pets sleep with you, give them a good brushing in a more isolated area (like the garage) before heading to bed at night. You can also wipe down their fur with a wet rag, or hold off on letting them sleep with you until allergy season is over. 

Vacuum & Clean

Individual grains of pollen are only 25 microns in size, making them impossible to spot with the naked eye. Unless there’s a large amount of it which usually occurs outdoors, you might not even realize that you’ve got pollen in your home. Vacuuming and dusting your house regularly during the spring is a great way to stop allergies before they start and ward them off the whole season. Be sure to also clean out your home’s vents and the filters in your air conditioner to remove any traces of pollen and pet dander that could be settling on indoor surfaces.

Get an Air Purifier

One of the most effective ways to remove pollen from your home is to invest in an air purifier. Air purification systems remove airborne particles you can’t clean yourself and provide a clean and healthy home environment. Reme HALO Air Purifiers are specifically designed to reduce airborne particles such as dust, dander, pollen and mold sores with bacteria-removing filters. An added bonus is that they operate silently so you won’t even know that they’re there!

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