Spring Maintenance Checklist & Tips for Your Home

Spring Maintenance Checklist & Tips for Your Home 

Spring has arrived! While that means you now get to spend lots of time outside under the sun and hanging out with family and friends, it also means it’s time to do some work in and around your home! Follow this spring maintenance checklist to get your home prepared for the summer heat!

Clean Windows & Screens

A great place to start when you’re doing a deep clean of your home is to wash out your windows and screens. Throughout the year and especially in the winter, there can be a lot of dirt and pollution buildup that settles on your windows. You can remove and wash your screens, and then properly power wash your windows. Once your windows are clean and your screens are dry, replace the screens and your windows will look like new!

Change/Clean HVAC Filters

Your home can’t function properly without your HVAC system in tip top shape. You can maintain your home comfort systems by changing your appliances’ filters, or even replacing them if need be. Clogged filters not only prevent your systems from performing their jobs efficiently, but can hinder your air quality, too. Be sure to change your filter at least every 1-3 months (more often if you have pets in your home).

Get An Air Purifier 

If your air filters are getting clogged often, or you find that there are large pile-ups of dust or dirt in your home, it might be a good idea to get an air purifier. Air purifiers such as American Standard’s Accuclean reduce airborne particulates (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores) and kill up to 99% of bacteria, fungal growth, and viruses from your whole home. These systems are truly state-of-the-art and will have you breathing cleaner, healthier air in your home in no time!

Check for Damage, Cracks, and Leaks 

Another reason your HVAC systems might be underperforming is because of leaks in various areas of your home. Leaks can form in any part of your home, from the roof, to the pipes, to your insulation. Checking for cracks and leaks regularly is a huge step in ensuring the comfort of your home.


Check the foundation of your home for any cracks on the exterior which you might not have noticed before. Most of the time, these types of cracks shouldn’t be fixed at home, no matter how tool-savvy you are! Contact a professional if this is the case to take care of any cracks in your foundation for good.


Look out for leaks in your windows as well to make sure you’re not losing conditioned air through them. If you find significant damage, you might need to replace your windowpane, or seal them up by caulking or weatherstripping.


Before the heat of summer, it’s important to have your roof checked out for leaks, missing shingles, or damaged areas. Our roofs are a huge piece of protection for our homes. If they’re not in tip top shape, you can bet there will be some kind of issue, whether it’s a home that can’t get comfortable or a home that leaves you more susceptible to bad weather. 


Insulation is a HUGE factor in keeping your home comfortable. Without sufficient insulation, you’ll be wasting tons of energy and compromising the comfort of  your home. If you’re able, check the insulation in the attic to ensure it has not formed gaps or deteriorated over time. If you need additional insulation, contact a professional.

Vacuum & Dust 

A simple tip to maintain your home throughout every season is simply to vacuum and dust! Not only will this make your home look and feel cleaner, you might find various other fixer-upper spots in your home while you work. For example, a leaky pipe, flimsy wood panel, or crack in the wall could all be discovered with a simple deep clean of your home.

Check the Attic

The attic is often neglected in home maintenance and inspection, but it’s very important to check it for any animals that might have made a home up there, and clean out the dust that’s settled. Many times in attics there is poor ventilation, which can lead to mold growing in certain areas, especially in the moist spring months. 

There are a number of things you can do to resolve these issues. First and foremost, call a pest control company to get any critters out and away from your home. Then, call a trusted contractor to talk about improving the ventilation in your attic. Lastly, as mentioned before, you want to make sure you have proper insulation in your attic as well. 

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Finally, the most important thing is that the most important appliance in your home is taken care of: your HVAC system. Don’t attempt to fix more complicated issues in your home such as pipes, ducts, air conditioners, and furnaces that need repairs all by yourself! Schedule professional HVAC maintenance from Swinson AC. We specialize in duct cleaning, repair, and replacement, and all services related to your HVAC system. We even offer dryer vent cleaning and indoor coil cleaning. 

Customers who choose our maintenance plan get 2 professional inspections a year where one of our experienced technicians will come and inspect, clean, and adjust your system as necessary to ensure it operates smoothly throughout the summer! Ask us about our maintenance plans today or sign up on our website!

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