Why You Should Buy A House In The Summer

Why You Should Buy A House In The Summer 

Buying a home is a large undertaking for you and your family, and buying at just the right time of year can make things a lot less stressful. But, how do you know the right time to buy? While each season has its own benefits, the summer is an extremely great time to buy. Read on to find out why you should buy a house in the summer! 

More Inventory

The summertime is an ideal time for most homeowners to sell, which means there’s going to be a lot of houses on the market. For example, in 2021 there were 32% more homes available on the market in June than there were in February. A hot market does mean that there are more buyers too, so be prepared to move quickly.

Better Prices

The end of the summer tends to have houses listed for cheaper, with homeowners trying to sell before the school year and get their affairs in order. If you haven’t found a house until late August or September, this could mean a better deal on the home you purchase!

More Activity Outside

With nicer weather outdoors, there will be more people outside enjoying it, as well as fun community events and activities. Block parties, live music, and barbecues tend to happen more in the warmer months, which gives you a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and the community quickly. Socializing and getting your kids acquainted with other people their age can be a vital part of a pleasant move.

Spot Issues Easily

In the summertime, you’ll be using your air conditioning, air purification, and water systems a lot, which means you’ll be able to spot any issues within your new home quickly. Even if you do buy a house that is fully equipped with an HVAC system, it could be inefficient or have leaks or other issues. If you do find any problems with your new home’s HVAC system, schedule maintenance or a repair on your air conditioner and get the problem resolved right away.

Longer Days

Daylight savings and generally longer days in the summer give you more time to look at houses and makes it easier to meet with a realtor and sellers. It also gives you an opportunity to see your future home in all its glory throughout the day! Longer days also mean more time to move your things so you’re not rushing in the few hours of daylight we have in the winter, especially if you work!

Easier School Transition

Buying a home in the summer means you won’t have to move in the middle of the school year, which gives your children an easier time to transition to a new school. If you buy a house earlier in the summer, you can move in and get re-adjusted to the new area without the additional stress of the school year starting. Moving can be an emotionally difficult and time-consuming process, so doing it at a time with less responsibilities could be a smart move for your family.

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