Ways to Have Fun and Stay Cool This Summer

Ways to Have Fun and Stay Cool This Summer

If spending hours roasting under the scorching hot summer sun of Alabama is not your cup of tea, we understand. Sometimes, it’s HOT, and you just need a way to cool down! Well, we’ve got more than one way to spend your summer days ~chilling~ with family and friends. Check out these ways to have fun and stay cool this summer!

Water Balloon Fight

A perfect way to stay cool and active is having a water balloon fight! The kids are sure to have a blast running around in their swimsuits and enjoying some friendly competition. For extra cooling, turn on your backyard sprinklers or surprise the kids with a hose as they run by.

Picnic In the Park

Enjoy a relaxing day out in the park under some shade to stay cool. Bring a picnic with sandwiches, fruit, and your favorite snacks and drinks, and spend the day in the shade! You can also bring games, kites, and sporting equipment. 

At-Home Water Park

Create a water park right from your own backyard. Set up the sprinklers, an inflatable pool, and make a slip and slide to have the whole lawn covered in suds and water to keep everyone cool. Blast some music from your speakers, and don’t forget sunscreen. 

Outdoor Movie Night

It can be a bit cooler out at night, which makes it the perfect time to get outside and relax with a movie. To create your own outdoor theater, all you’ll need is a projector and a large sheet, lots of pillows and blankets, and some sort of outdoor furniture or air mattress to sprawl out on. Pop up some popcorn or make ice cream bowls for some yummy snacks during the movie!

Beach Day

Summer is the best time to go to the beach, especially on a hot day. Nothing beats jumping in the ocean and feeling the breeze when it’s hot and sunny outside. Pack up and drive to your closest beach for a day in the sand, salt, and sun. Don’t forget to pack umbrellas for shade, towels, your favorite games, lunch, and some refreshing drinks to keep cool. 

Water Sports

Get active and beat the heat with a day full of aquatic sports. Visit the beach or a river or lake and try kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing, or just go swimming. You could also gather a group of people and head to a pool for some volleyball or diving games. Be sure to wear sunscreen! 

DIY Frozen Treats

The perfect way to stay cool on a hot day is a delicious cold drink or dessert. Make frozen yogurt, ice cream, popsicles, or slushies to take outside and keep you refreshed and relaxed. 

Stay Inside

Stay cool at home with the air conditioning turned on and invite friends and family over to play board games, sing karaoke, watch movies, make crafts, or build forts. If your home isn’t keeping cool, call Swinson AC for air conditioning repairs or even a system replacement if it’s time! We can repair all makes and models of HVAC systems, even those we didn’t install. Contact us today for your AC repair or replacement needs!

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