summer HVAC issues

Common Summer HVAC Issues

Living in the communities surrounding Loxley, Alabama means living in hot, humid summer weather conditions. With temperatures often surpassing 90 degrees, it’s imperative you keep your home cool and comfortable. However, on the hottest days of the year, your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your home cool, putting strain on your system, and if it breaks down, you’re left hot and uncomfortable in your own home. The first step to solving these problems is learning about them and being prepared. Continue reading to learn about common summer HVAC issues and how you might be able to solve them.

The Unit Won’t Stay on

If your comfort system turns on to cool down your home but quickly switches back off before reaching the desired temperature, there’s a problem. However, there could be a simple solution. If the problem is caused by dirty condenser coils, evaporator coils, or air filters, simply clean the coils or change the air filter. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to call Swinson AC as there could be a wiring issue.

Frozen Unit summer HVAC issues

If your comfort system is blowing warm air or isn’t blowing any air at all, it could be because of frozen evaporator coils. This is a common problem, especially in the humid conditions of Loxley, Alabama. If humid air around the evaporator coils gets too cold, ice can form on the coils. If this is the case, turn the entire system off and open the indoor unit. If you notice any frost or ice, keep the system off for 24 hours to allow the ice to melt. Be sure not to turn the system on before a full 24 hours has passed or the system may freeze again. If this happens constantly, it’s time to call the professionals at Swinson AC, as there could be a freon leak.

Noisy AC System

If you’re hearing more noise than usual coming from any portion of your comfort system, it is best to bring in professionals. A noisy comfort system could be caused by an excess of debris clogging or putting pressure on your system. There could also be damaged equipment inside the system, or even a possible refrigerant leak. Don’t ignore the problem and don’t try to fix these yourself. Doing either might only make the issue worse.

Damaged Ductwork 

If your comfort system is working hard but your home is still warm, it might be due to clogged or damaged ductwork. If there are any holes in your ductwork, outside air could be entering into your system past the condenser. This will allow warm and unfiltered air to circulate throughout your system and your home. It will also force your comfort system to work overtime to try and cool your home to the desired temperature, costing you money and leaving you less comfortable. 

Examining ductwork is an extensive, delicate process that should be left to experienced professionals with the tools to do it properly. At Swinson AC, we have the professionals and materials to perform air duct inspections and cleaning. We provide duct sealing services as well to make sure your system is operating as efficiently as possible.

To learn more about our duct cleaning process, check out our helpful article: Duct Cleaning Process for Residents of Alabama’s Eastern Shore.

Low Insulation

If your home’s insulation is over 10 years old, it has likely deteriorated in some areas over time. Without proper insulation, your comfort system will continue struggling to keep your home cool at a low cost. If you’re experiencing uncomfortable temperatures and high energy bills, ensure you have sufficient insulation in your attic, and fill in any cracks or gaps you see. You can rent insulation equipment from hardware stores or buy small spray foam insulation cans. Our technicians are also happy to measure your insulation levels and give an estimate for insulation services, if needed. 

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