spring maintenance tips

Spring Maintenance Tips

Your spring to-do list shouldn’t end with spring cleaning! It’s important to also perform maintenance around your home as the weather changes. Follow these 5 simple maintenance tips to get your home blooming this spring! 

1. Spigots and Gutters

Spigots and gutters are easily and often overlooked season after season. Test your spigots outside to ensure the water is flowing when turned on, and not leaking when turned off. If the spigot is leaking, you’ll likely have stagnant water that can be a breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes and other insects or rodents. It can also lead to issues with your home’s foundation over time. 

Before April showers arrive, walk around your house to see if any sections of your gutters are sagging, broken, or have plant life growing out of them. If you notice anything off with your gutters, give a professional gutter or roofing company a call. It can be very dangerous to try and clean them out or repair sections on your own. 

2. Windows and Doors

If you have windows with screens or screened doors, inspect them to ensure they don’t need replacing. If there are any cracks or gaps around your windows or door frames, be sure to seal them up with caulk or another sealing agent. Rubber sealants from your local hardware store will usually do the trick. The last thing you want is for your cold air to be leaking out and hot summer air seeping in, leaving you with high energy bills and an uncomfortable home. 

If you notice any windows which constantly have moisture between the panes, it’s probably a good idea to replace them. Areas with consistent moisture are a breeding ground for fungal growth. On top of that, you just don’t have a nice view of the beauty that comes with spring!  

3. Give Your Yard A Facelift

Curb appeal matters! Over the winter months, plenty of leaves and branches will fall and be scattered throughout your yard. Take a day to rake up the fallen foliage, pick up branches, and dig up dead plants. It’s also a good idea to spruce up your curb appeal by laying fresh mulch, planting new flowers, and focusing on little details like adding potted plants close to the house or creating a pebbled border to your walkway or around your porch. 

Once your property is cleaned up, turn your focus to your lawn. Now is the time to start your lawn maintenance to ensure you will have a beautiful green lawn this summer. Pull up any weeds or spray weed killer (without grass killer) around the yard, spread out some grass seed throughout, and cut the grass regularly to ensure a beautiful yard all season!

4. Woodwork

The wood around your home is going to need some TLC from time to time as well. Inspect your fencing, decking, trellises, trim, and siding. Replace any rotten boards and give dirty wood a good power wash or new weather-resistant glaze. You can use exterior wood oil to protect the wood around your home. This is important for the look and safety of your home.

5. HVAC System

While you’re outside, check your HVAC system’s outdoor unit. Remove any debris which may have built up around it during the winter such as ant hills, fallen limbs, leaves, or new plant growth. For the rest of your HVAC system, schedule a maintenance visit with Swinson Air Conditioning. We inspect, test, and clean your system so you can rest easy knowing your system is performing properly and at maximum efficiency. During your maintenance visit your technician will recommend any necessary repairs to help ensure your system is in top condition throughout the summer. This way, you won’t be left without air conditioning when you need it most. 

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