Home Addition Ideas to Increase Square Footage & Value

Home Addition Ideas

If you’re thinking about investing in an addition to your home, we can assure you home additions are worth the added value to your home. On top of that, if you’re even thinking about it, the extra room is probably something you really need to be able to grow and thrive in your home.

How to Create An Energy Efficient Home In 4 Easy Steps

energy efficient home

We’re all experiencing energy prices continuing to rise, and reducing environmental footprints is becoming a major focus. Use the following tips to create an energy efficient home, and start working toward a more positive impact on the world around you.

Easy Home Improvement Tasks That Will Transform Your House

Easy Home Improvement

Whether you just bought a new home, or have owned your current home for a while, you’re probably excited about making it your own, or just making updates. If you’re looking to transform the feel of your house, try these easy home improvement tasks!

5 Ways to Stay Cool & Have Fun This Summer

Stay Cool & Have Fun This Summer

Here in Coastal Alabama, the summers bring some serious heat! It can be difficult to find ways to enjoy the summer weather without overheating. In order to add some variety to your summer schedule, we’ve put together a list of activities to help you stay cool and have fun this summer.

What’s the Best Way to Control Humidity In My Home?

Control Humidity In My Home

When it comes to the age-old argument of dry heat versus humid heat, we can attest that humidity combined with heat makes it feel much hotter! Fortunately, there are many available solutions to control humidity in your home.

Our Duct Cleaning Process from Start to Finish

Duct Cleaning Process

Are you noticing lingering odors, musty smells, or increased dust throughout your home? If you answered yes and you’re unsure of where to turn, it may be beneficial to have your air ducts cleaned.

Baby-Proofing Your Home, Room-by-Room Checklist

Baby-Proofing Your Home

Brush up on your knowledge of baby-proofing your home so if you’re ever in need, you’ll have the knowledge to do so. Go through our guide, room-by-room, to have a baby-safe home in no time!

5 Signs of Wear and Tear On Your Air Ducts

wear and tear on your ductwork

Overtime, just like with anything else, your ductwork goes through a lot. Be on the lookout for these signs of wear and tear on your air ducts, as it might be time for replacement, repair, or a good cleaning!

5 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Home Blooming This Spring

spring maintenance tips

Your spring to-do list shouldn’t end with spring cleaning! It’s important to also perform maintenance around your home as the weather changes. Follow these 5 simple maintenance tips to get your home blooming this spring!